Compound Creams

Benefits of Compounded Creams

Pain Cream

Why are UPS topical pain creams so effective? UPS uses a combination of patented ingredients to target multiple receptor sites, in an effort to block the bypass of pain signals to the brain. In addition to this, the patented base (activemax) is clinically proven to effectively drive and enhance the absorption and deep penetration of the USP approved pharmaceutical grade active ingredients. The more you use the cream, the greater benefit you will notice, and after a period of time, you will find that you may be able to use it less often to achieve the same pain control.

Wound/Scar/Dermatology Creams

Why are UPS topical pain creams so effective? By nature, wounds can often be hard to treat orally. This is because for oral medication to be effective, the tablet has to pass through the stomach, liver, blood stream, and then pass through the main dermal (skin) layers to reach the surface where the wounds exists. Many patients experience multiple side effects during this process. Therefore, your doctor has asked UPS specialists; to custom prepare a topical cream which is applied directly to the damaged area. Advanced healing and infection control is achieved by this route. Please use it as directed on the label as regular use is critical for success of treatment. Please note that the scar creams will often take time to work, and long term and regular application (6-12 months) may be necessary to achieve maximum results.

Neurology/Nausea & Vomiting Creams

Why are UPS topical pain creams so effective? Migraines, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Nausea, and Vomiting are disorders that often originate in the brain. Oral medications have to pass through the stomach, liver, bloodstream and finally have to cross a barrier called the blood barrier. Therefore, by the time this all occurs. Many patients experience reduced or no effectiveness and/or multiple side effects. Your doctor has asked UPS as specialists in this area, to custom compound a special formula which is applied directly to the base of the hairline. From this area, the ingredients are absorbed directly into the blood stream and distributed into the brain. Here, it exerts its affects directly to the site of action. Please apply it regularly as directed on label for maximum results.

Why use Topical versus Oral Pain Medications?

Topical Oral
No tolerance Tolerance evident
No organ damage Possible organ damage and GI side effects
No constipation Usually constipation
No abuse potential High abuse potential
Not addictive Highly Addictive
Often heal the cause Symptomatic relief only
Increased effectiveness over time Dosage increase often needed

Compound Cream for OB/GYN patients address the following:

Patient Cost

The two major insurance plans that will pay for the compound creams are: AETNA and CIGNA.

If you have one of the two insurance plans mentioned above and would like your physician to prescribe one of Unique Pain Solutions effective compound crèmes just call 407.309.6708. We will insure that you or your physician receives the prescription.

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